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De-risking database migrations with our Code Migration Tool

Code Migration: Janus

WARDY IT Solutions are experts in SQL Server Database Migrations, having performed hundreds of migrations from numerous different platforms. Migrating from one Data Platform to another can be risky, time consuming, and costly. Our Data Platform Consultants know that some database migrations aren’t straight-forward, requiring extensive code migration that is not feasible to carry out manually.

Virtual DBA Service Q3 2020 Roadmap

virtual dba q3 roadmap

We developed SQL Beacon™ and MyVirtualDBA™ to underpin our world-class team of DBAs who work on shift, 27x7x365 to support our clients. Since implementing the 2019 Q2 roadmap, we’ve been collating feature requests from UserVoice and we are pleased to announce our 2019 Q3 roadmap.

SQL Server Resource Provider for Azure Virtual Machines

azure virtual machine

Azure provides different options to host your SQL Server workload in the cloud. You can migrate to Azure Managed Instances, Azure SQL Server Database, or you can use Virtual Machines with SQL Server installed (IAAS – Infrastructure as a service option). For SQL Servers installed on Virtual Machines, you can also benefit from the Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows and SQL Server.

Unpacking SQL Server 2019: Modernising Your Data Platform

Unpacking SQL Server 2019: Modernising Your Data Platform

If you’re already taking advantage of SQL Server in your business today, or thinking it may be time to take the leap, download our eBook ‘Unpacking SQL Server 2019’ on to learn more about all the business accelerating features that SQL Server 2019 has to offer and how you can leverage your existing data assets now and in the future.

How Brisbane’s Top SQL Server Consultants Stay Up-to-date

SQL Server Consultant Brisbane

We spoke with ten of our Brisbane-based SQL Server Consultants to find out what their roles involve. It wasn’t as easy as tying all their capabilities up into one sentence, we realised that their day to day really depends on their customers needs. Here are just some of the skillsets our consultants exhibit daily.

SQL Server Security Auditing: Checking Who Has Access to What

SQL Server Security Auditing: Checking Who Has Access to What

With changes often needed around security to ensure people have access, how does an organisation ensure who has what level of access? How can you identify potential security threats? The answer is to review or audit the security of your SQL Server environment on a regular basis. Here’s our suggestions for what to consider including in a SQL security audit: