Case Study: Iceland Foods modernises data estate with WARDY IT Solutions

Iceland Foods modernises data estate

Executive Summary

  • In 2019, Iceland Foods’ existing data warehouse, a proprietary platform created by Teradata for analysing customers and sales insights was coming to its end of life.
  • WARDY IT Solutions were able to demonstrate our skills quickly. We reviewed elements of the data warehouse and were proactive in suggesting improvements.
  • The migration to Azure Synapse has resulted in significantly reduced operational costs and increased agility.


At a glance, WARDY IT Solutions delivered:

  • A working long-distance relationship: the time gap between the UK and Australia was bridged by ensuring engineers and consultants were available around the clock.
  • Modernised data solutions: WARDY managed the migration to Azure Synapse, and were able to accelerate the company’s journey to the Cloud and introduce HADR.
  • Reduced operational costs: which transformed Iceland Foods from an expensive capital expenditure model to a cost-effective operational expenditure model.
  • Ease of use in a modern data estate: using familiar Microsoft technology to enables key business leaders to access information with greater ease and easily ingest additional data sources to augment their existing data.
  • Scalable solution: can adapt to meet the requirements of peak trading times.

WARDY was able to provide a product noted for its ease-of-use, which made recruitment easier for Iceland Foods, as there are less technical skills required to access and analyse the information. This also means that onboarding staff and providing training is a quicker and smoother process. The new solution is also scalable and can adapt to meet the requirements of peak trading times including Christmas.

With the former estate retired, the Azure data estate aligns with Iceland Foods’ broader business plan of Cloud migration.

Read the full case study here


Why Azure Synapse Analytics is simply unmatched

  • Price-performance
  • Security
  • Insights for all

What’s the best compliment to Azure Analytics’ unmatched price-performance and security? The answer is Microsoft Power BI. Power BI’s ease of use enables everyone in your organization to benefit from our analytics stack. Employees can get their insights in seconds from all enterprise data stored in Azure. And without limitations on concurrency, Power BI can be used across teams to create the most beautiful visualizations that deliver powerful insights.

Leveraging Microsoft’s Common Data Model, Power BI users can easily access and analyze enterprise data using a common data schema without needing complex data transformation. Customers looking for petabyte-scale analytics can leverage Power BI Aggregations with Azure SQL Data Warehouse for rapid query. Better yet, Power BI users can easily apply sophisticated AI models built with Azure. Powerful insights are easily accessible to all.