How to Recover a Database without a Backup

I got a call from a colleague this morning whose server did not have a recent backup. All well and good except for the fact that instead of selecting properties this morning they accidentally right clicked on a database and selected delete, and without reading the dialog box they managed to accept the prompt. So I got a call asking if I was able to weave some magic and recover the production database before they visited the newsagent to pickup up a paper and see what jobs were available. As there was no recent backup and the ldf and mdf were deleted I did not like the chance of being able to help them out. That was until I discovered DiskInternals Uneraser. Using this utility I was able to restore the mdf and ldf and then re-attach the database. Although this utility is no substitute for a backup it may help you out if you ever need to recover a database that has been dropped and there is no backup.