Licensing SQL Server in Azure: Everything you need to know


There are many factors to consider when migrating SQL Server to Azure. Some of the most common questions asked of our Data Platform Consultants include:

  • What is the best method to migrate SQL Server to Azure?
  • What are the steps in the migration process?
  • Once in Azure, what can we do to optimise our licences?
  • What cost-saving options are available to us in Azure?

We have released a number of useful resources in the last month to help you make the migration to Azure and most importantly, optimise your licences once you’re there. Below you’ll find an ebook, whitepaper and blog post which answer these common Azure questions and more.

If you are interested in real-time information about licensing SQL Server in Azure, please join our webinar on Wednesday 13 May at 11:00 AM AEST (more information below).


1. Migrating SQL Server to Azure eBook

This eBook provides an overview of how to plan a successful migration and the critical steps to take. Importantly, we outline a staggered approach to implementing Azure.

By staggering the approach, this allows for staff to develop an understanding of Azure and avoids IT operations team from being overwhelmed which can hinder productivity.




2. Optimising Your SQL Server Licences in Azure

If you are moving workloads to Azure, understanding your SQL Server licensing is a must. It is a worthwhile process as it can significantly reduce costs and help avoid bill shock.

Download our whitepaper to learn how you can effectively reduce costs by optimising your SQL Server licences in Azure.




3. 10 Tips for Azure Cost Optimisation

A cloud-first strategy is the catchcry for many IT strategies. As the on-premises footprint dwindles and the cloud footprint grows, ongoing costs come to the forefront of IT budgets.

Read our recent blog post, where we reviewed the various cost saving options which are available in Microsoft Azure.




4. Licensing SQL Server in Azure Webinar

WARDY IT Solutions will host a webinar on Licensing SQL Server in Azure. Join us to learn how your existing investments in SQL Server licensing can be used to optimise the costs associated with the usage of SQL Server workloads in Azure.

The webinar will be hosted by two speakers: Troy Parker, founder of Discover SAM Pty Ltd, and Phil Jones, General Manager of WARDY IT Solutions Professional Services.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 13 May at 11:00 AM AEST. If you want to learn more or register for the webinar, please visit this page.