September 2018 Roundup

September 2018 Round Up

At Microsoft Ignite the Public Preview of SQL Server 2019 was announced.

This new version of SQL Server is designed to assist organisations manage the increased volume and variety of data. With this new release of SQL Server, SQL Server 2008 R2 will be five versions old.

As one Australian government department recently found out running legacy software not only limits the ability to digitally transform but the inertia is also very expensive.

If you are looking for ways to accelerate your ability to easily integrate and analyse data across multiple sources then WARDY IT Solutions has a prescriptive Data Platform Modernisation methodology.

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

We are excited to announce the General Purpose service tier in Azure SQL Database Managed Instance became generally available on October 1, 2018! Managed Instance is a new resource type in SQL Database that streamlines the migration of SQL Server workloads and combines the best of SQL Server with all the benefits of a fully managed database service. Learn more.

Optimise Applications with Azure SQL Database

In this free Webinar you will learn how to take the most economical path to the cloud using Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, the latest deployment option, to save up to 55% in licensing costs. Register here.

Building a business case for Data Platform Modernisation

End of support for SQL Server 2008/R2 represents an opportunity for your IT team to elevate its thinking into strategic leadership. Having difficulty getting the database upgrade on the agenda? We help define the key points for your business case in our latest post. Read blog post.

Big Data Analytics

SQL Server 2019 makes it easier to manage a big data environment. It provides key elements of a data lake—Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Spark, and analytics tools—deeply integrated with SQL Server and fully supported by Microsoft. Learn more about how you can easily deploy using Linux containers on a Kubernetes-managed cluster. Learn more.

Want to upgrade? Don’t let legacy applications hold you back

Having legacy applications doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade to a modern database environment but it can leave you feeling stuck, especially with SQL Server 2008/R2 nearing end of support. If you’re running legacy applications but want to modernise your environment, we’ve outlined the options available in our latest blog post. Read blog post.

6 Signs you need a Healthcheck

Undertaking a health check is never a bad idea but in reality, how often do you get the time to carry out a thorough inspection of your SQL Server environment? At the same time, it’s not often we come across an IT Manager or CIO who can honestly say they have 100% confidence in their databases. Measuring how confident you feel is clearly subjective, so how do you know when you really are in need of a SQL Server Healthcheck? Here are 6 tell tale signs.