Webinar: Introduction to Azure Synapse

Introduction to Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse is Microsoft’s new cloud analytics service offering that combines enterprise data warehouse and Big Data analytics capabilities. It offers a powerful and streamlined platform to facilitate the process of consolidating, storing, curating and analysing your data to generate reliable and actionable business insights.

About the speakers

David Alzamendi is a Data Architect at WARDY IT Solutions. Delivering Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Solutions with On-Premises and Cloud technologies since 2011, David Alzamendi is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and event speaker who solves problems with best practice procedures and the latest technology. David is passionate about the positive impact that data can have on our lives, businesses, economy and the environment. He prides himself on using his creativity and optimism to solve what others thought impossible.

Arpit Bhardwaj is a Cloud Solutions Architect at WARDY IT Solutions. He has worked with many organisations to help plan, architect and implement Business Intelligence & Data Analytics solutions using the Microsoft Azure Platform. Arpit is a certified Microsoft Azure Data Engineer and an experienced data professional who solves business challenges by leading digital transformation initiatives. Arpit approaches solving real-life challenges with technology using a challenger mindset, he’s also passionate about giving back to the technical community.

If you are interested in learning about building a modern data warehouse leveraging Azure Synapse, please join our webinar on Thursday 13 August at 11:00 AM AEST.