Welcome to the WARDY IT Solutions SQL Server Blog

There has been continued interest in the monthly WARDY IT Solutions newsletters and one of the most common pieces of feedback has been for the newsletter to be published on a more frequent basis. Instead of doing this we have gone one step further and setup a Weblog allowing you to subscribe to the updates using your favourite new aggregator.

So what does this mean? We will continue to publish the monthly newsletters in its current format; but the new Weblog will also allow us the ability to rapidly publish information that we think will be of interest to the SQL Server community as well as to those who currently do not subscribe to the newsletter.

So what do I do now? You have three choices. 1) Do nothing, and if you are on the monthly mailing-list you will to continue to receive our email publication on a monthly basis. If you would like to be on the mailing-list send an email to newsletter_add@www.wardyit.com.  or 2) Check the WARDY IT Solutions SQL Server Blog on a regular basis for updates.  or 3) Setup your aggregator to point to the RSS feed https://www.wardyit.com/blog/ to receive updates as soon as we publish them.

If you are looking for a new aggregator, we recommend NewGator.

As always we appreciate your feedback so do not hesitate to contact us to let us know what you think of either the WARDY IT Solutions Newsletter or the Weblog.