AWPL Rings Up Revenue and Future Proofs Systems with WARDY IT Solutions’ Help

AWPL and WARDY IT Solutions SQL Server Case Study

Retailer AWPL rings up revenue and future proofs systems with SQL Server partner WARDY IT Solutions

Executive Summary

It’s likely that frequent air travellers have patronised one of AWPL’s shops located at airports across Australia and New Zealand. Because the business operates across time-zones and around-the-clock, the retailer’s infrastructure comes with an always-on service requirement. As the workloads caused by rapid business expansion increased, greater demands were placed on the finite resources of the technology support team.

WARDY IT Solutions were recommended by AWPL’s hosting company as the right fit to help AWPL realise increased value from their SQL Server database investment. The two organisations collaborated on translating business and engineering goals into successful, completed projects. WARDY IT Solutions provided ad-hoc consultation and engineering expertise and delivered employee training that enabled team managers to capture data and reveal how their retail supply chain could be optimised.

How WARDY IT Solutions Helped:

  • We provided a resilient SQL Server database framework
  • Future proofing AWPL’s SQL Server database investment has delivered an adaptable platform that integrates easily with new processes and technology
  • WARDY IT’s around-the-clock Virtual DBA service instantly alerts AWPL administrators if systems are not operating at peak performance
  • Executive training workshops have enabled one third of AWPL’s savvy management team to model, analyse and deduce solutions to improve underperforming assets and resources
  • The coaching and mentoring provided by WARDY IT Solutions is highly valued by AWPL staff and enables them to manage their digital assets and IP with greater efficacy.

One third of AWPL management are now conversant in using “database queries” and business intelligence tools to analyse structured data and apply this knowledge to improve business productivity and reduce operating costs. This end-to-end re-engineering has delivered operating cost reductions conservatively estimated at 20% and contributed to increasing AWPL’s return on costly airport retail rentals.

Download the full case study here.