SQL Server Test Those Backups


Picture the scene – you’re a DBA working for a large company, you recently convinced your manager to replace your old, outdated backup tech with the latest and greatest. You’ve got budget, you’ve got resources, you’ve got it all configured and running smoothly. Next thing you know, a crisis has swept across your business, leaving your datacentres unattended and lonely.

The big, multi-terabyte Production database has a hiccup – but not to worry, I have backups for that! You begin to restore from backup, when suddenly… “SQL Server detected a logical consistency- based I/O error”!

Don’t you wish you’d tested your backups now?

Regular backup testing is a crucial part of any Backup and Restore strategy. If your backups haven’t been tested, you’re effectively not backing up at all. Murphy’s law will guarantee that the backup you need to restore will be unavailable in some form or another.

This is especially the case during these uncertain times, when team members cannot necessarily easily perform basic functions in a timely manner, like swapping out failed hard drives from the SAN array or checking on a crucial scheduled job for failures or warnings. When everyone is flat out trying to get their working from home setup established and keep the business running, unfortunately things will tend to slip through the cracks at times.


Having a robust and preferably automated Backup and Restore testing process in place will give your business a safety net to rely on, as well as making your DBA’s life much simpler in day to day tasks.

When you know you can comfortably rely on your SQL Server data estate to be bulletproof, you are free to focus on all the little trials and tribulations which this new working situation has brought to our collective attention.

WARDY IT Solutions can help

WARDY IT Solutions is here to help you better understand your current Backup and Restore process, assist you in finding out whether it is working as intended and potentially provide a better overall solution to better match your changing business needs.