De-risking database migrations with our Code Migration Tool

Code Migration: Janus

WARDY IT Solutions are experts in SQL Server Database Migrations, having performed hundreds of migrations from numerous different platforms. Migrating from one Data Platform to another can be risky, time consuming, and costly. Our Data Platform Consultants know that some database migrations aren’t straight-forward, requiring extensive code migration that is not feasible to carry out manually.

Our Data Platform Consultants have come up with a tried and tested solution that we are excited to share with you: JANUS.

What is JANUS?

JANUS is a Code Migration Tool built to de-risk database migrations and improve the efficiency of the migration processes.

JANUS does this by checking against rules you put in place and refactoring your code for SQL Server and Azure SQL Data Warehouse automatically.

What makes JANUS different from other database migration tools?

There are a number of tools used for database migration already. These include Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS), Data Migration Assistant (DMA), SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), and a number of third-party tools. JANUS was designed to assist in the migration process by bridging the gap between code migration and database migration. We found most migration assistants or tools are not flexible enough to tackle some of the database migrations projects we have assisted customers to complete.

The Data Platform Consultants at WARDY IT Solutions saw a real use case for a custom built code migration tool to assist in the database migration process. JANUS allows for migrations within a single platform, or across platforms.

When is code migration needed?

Our consultants have found that customers require assistance for code migration for a number of different purposes.

For instance, customers may require assistance when the manual code migration process takes too long and chews into resources. Perhaps large amounts of code needs to be migrated to SQL Server as part of a customer’s database migration.

Customers also require assistance in code migration to support the migration from Sybase, Teradata or Oracle databases.  Often this is driven by a requirement to save on licensing fees. Other times, customers need assistance migrating from out-of-support databases to SQL Server as fast as possible. JANUS has assisted our Data Platform Consultants in all of these database migration scenarios.

How does JANUS fit into the database migration process?

JANUS helps with the process of database migration by completing the heavy lifting. In addition, JANUS removes the risks of human error in code migration.

Most importantly, JANUS enables our consultants and users to input customisable regex rules to refactor existing database code to SQL Server and Azure SQL DW code. This allows our customers to deploy refactored code, identify errors, and solve them before proceeding. From here, JANUS is most often used to refactor a large quantity of code – a task that would simply not be feasible for large and complex database migration projects if it was done manually.

JANUS has assisted database migrations from:

  • Oracle to SQL Server
  • Teradata to SQL Server DW
  • Sybase to SQL Server and SQL Server DW
  • Netezza to SQL Server DW
  • Any ANSI compliant RDBMS to SQL Server
De-Risking Database Migrations with our Code Migration Tool
Main screen of the JANUS tool
De-Risking Database Migrations with our Code Migration Tool
Regex rules screen

Other uses for JANUS

Our Data Platform Consultants have also employed JANUS to help customers migrate code when changing or updating their version of SQL Server. This allows customers to keep their existing code; JANUS will refactor to meet the requirements of the new version, saving you from migrating code manually.
As an example, if you have years of data and need to remove deprecated features, you can use JANUS to refactor your old code, allowing you a smooth migration to a newer version of SQL Server (SQL Server 2019).

Next steps – what can I do?

If you choose to start your database migration with WARDY IT Solutions, there are a number of options to consider.

  • JANUS will be deployed by our Data Platform Consultants to assist with the database migration.
  • JANUS can also be deployed as a client-run tool. Our Data Platform Consultants will train you to be a super-user, and you can use JANUS to assist in your database migration.

Learn more about JANUS here:

If you are ready to learn more about how JANUS can assist in your database migration, don’t hesitate to reach out to us: