Get to know our Sydney Microsoft SQL Server Consultants

Sydney Microsoft SQL Server Consultants

Get to know our Sydney Microsoft SQL Server Consultants

WARDY IT Solutions Microsoft SQL Server Consultants possess specialised skills and knowledge to assist businesses in developing and implementing a database solution customised to your business needs.

We caught up with some of our leading Sydney SQL Server consultants to find out how they stay abreast of industry and product developments.

What does a Microsoft SQL Server Consultant do?

In speaking with our Sydney colleagues, we discovered it is very hard to sum up their role in a nice neat nutshell. The day to day of our consultants varies so much from project to project. So instead, here are some of the tasks a Microsoft SQL Server Consultant might be focussing on any given week:

Data Platform Solution Architect Peter Susnjara’s role focuses on assisting customers to transform their business strategy and requirements into solutions and services that helps the client achieve their business outcomes.

Specialised Knowledge on all things SQL Server

As Microsoft SQL Server Consultants at WARDY IT, our staff assist clients on a diverse array of tasks at various stages of a project lifecycle. With a deep understanding of the business required at every stage, projects vary in size and scale depending on the overall transformation required. Some of the projects currently underway with our Sydney staff include:

  • A Data Warehouse solution consolidating data from nine sources
  • Enabling a client to get their “inherited” analytics platform to ingest data and work correctly
  • A Replatform Project, performing migration from on-premise Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server in Azure
  • A MongoDB to SQL Server migration for a start-up company that is experiencing rapid growth and wants to ensure its environment is able to scale and meet their future needs.

Common Client Challenges

One thing our Microsoft SQL Server Consultants can agree on is the broad variety of issues their clients face.

“The challenges vary widely with clients facing issues with platform modernisation, performance and data security issues,” says SQL Server Consultant Adam Keats.

“In cloud platform adoption, many clients are facing new challenges modernising and adapting, not just their applications and data platforms, but their technical and business processes to support new cloud-based offerings,” explains fellow Consultant Oleg Alekseiev.

It’s a common occurrence with businesses where they may have commenced a migration strategy but then encounter roadblocks which can slow down the transformation. There is a need to modernise but a lack of understanding on how best to proceed.

“Most customers see the cloud as their future direction but are unsure on how to make that migration and how to minimise their risk,” explains Peter Susnjara.

Another common challenge is “gaining insights from data that might be located in disparate locations,” says Marilyn Pandit.

With data often spread across multiple sources, frameworks need to be implemented to allow integration to access products like Power BI. The move to the use of automated and visual reporting products like BI also require staff training to ensure the whole company embraces the transformation.

These are just some of the challenges that warrant careful consideration when creating a migration plan. All of our SQL Server Consultants are experienced in helping customers overcome these challenges and designing tailored solutions based on business needs.

How Our Sydney SQL Server Consultants Stay up to Date

With so many different projects and skills required by our consultants, it’s vital that they stay abreast of software and industry changes. They choose a variety of ways to keep up-to-date.

They take advantage of the very large and helpful online SQL community, active in forums like and StackExchange.

They’re also active in the community, attending events such as:

  • Community events like SQL Saturdays, Power BI meetups, and SQL Server user groups
  • Conferences including PASS Summit in Seattle and Microsoft Ignite.

Our Microsoft SQL Server consultants keep up to date with current industry news both online and offline.

They gain technical advice and industry news from blogs, RSS feeds and weekly newsletters from sources such as:

  • Microsoft (Azure & SQL, PowerBI),
  • RedGate,
  • Idera,
  • Quest,
  • SSWUG,
  • SQLServerCentral,
  • CIS,
  • Brent Ozar,
  • Pinal Dave,
  • Denny Cherry.

What do Microsoft SQL Consultants do in their spare time?

When they are not focussing on client data configurations and all things SQL Server related, our consultants are an active bunch.

Muhammad Touseef Ikram and Oleg Alekseiev like to leave the city to enjoy nature walks whilst Marilyn Pandit can often be found at the gym.

Meanwhile Adam Keats and Peter Susnjara can make the most of their spare time by spending it with their families. In Peter’s case this is even better if the time spent happens to be at a Western Sydney Wanderers game!

They each bring a unique perspective to their job, to help clients with their challenges.

As you can see there are an interesting group of passionate, knowledgeable, experts working as SQL Server consultants at WARDY IT Solutions.

Whatever your requirements are, we’ve had experience dealing with it before. Get in touch now to chat about your needs and how we can help.