Case Study: How an integrated analytics platform changed a company’s culture

national storage power bi and azure case study

Executive Summary

The National Storage IT team was spending precious time and effort on repeated reporting. They now have a single source of truth thanks to WARDY IT’s Azure and Power BI solutions.

If the business didn’t make a change to aid their move to a digital business, helping them to be smarter and leaner in how they approached their market, their ability to change and grow would have been stagnated.

Project Partners and WARDY IT Solutions worked with National Storage to design and implement a Modern Data Warehouse solution in Azure and a reporting solution using Power BI.

At a glance, WARDY IT Solutions delivered:

  • Increased efficiency and timeliness of reporting: data can now be accessed in real time and run automatically at the click of a button
  • Improved understanding of the National Storage brand and its customers: thanks to data insights, customer behaviour and storage occupancy can be tracked more efficiently
  • Competitive advantage: basing decisions on a single source of truth, rather than eight differing data sources, is enabling the company to innovate with customer need in mind
  • Enhanced ability to track company KPI metrics: these can easily be tracked through PowerBI dashboards and assist in making more informed decisions
  • Cost efficiencies

National Storage received great value from the combined Project Partners and WARDY team very quickly – it was thanks to WARDY’s skill in particular that they didn’t have to replace the key analyst they lost eight weeks into the project.

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