Introducing WARDY IT Solutions’ Learning-as-a-Service Platform

Microsoft Learning-as-a-Service

WARDY IT Solutions is excited to announce our new Learning-as-a-Service platform which brings together Microsoft online courses for busy IT professionals. The courses will be available all the time so you can do any course at your own pace.

Main Benefits of Learning-as-Service

  • Access anywhere: You can access to lessons, learning materials and hands-on activities, wherever you are, at any time
  • Flexible Schedule: Self-paced courses give you a more flexible learning schedule to fit in with your life and work
  • Cost-effective: Saves you time and money on travel and resources

As technology has moved to a cloud cadence the pace of change has continued to accelerate. This change has created a skills gap that is making it harder for individuals and organisations to keep pace. The WARDY IT Solutions Learning as a Service platform enables bight sized, just in time training to help bridge this gap and ensure industry relevant skills.

– Peter Ward, General Manager – WARDY IT Solutions

Some of our courses include:

Querying Data with Transact-SQL

From querying and modifying data in SQL Server or Azure SQL to programming with Transact-SQL, learn essential skills that employers need.

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Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

Learn Power BI, a powerful cloud-based service that helps data scientists visualize and share insights from their data.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A high-level overview of AI to learn how Machine Learning provides the foundation for AI, and how you can leverage cognitive services in your apps.

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Data Analysis: A Practical Introduction for Absolute Beginners

Become Data Literate, no prior experience required. This hands-on course gives you an overview of what a Data Analyst needs to know and deliver, and is meant to inspire you with all the possibilities that Data unlocks for the world.

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Getting Started with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Ready to discover how IoT can help improve your business? Learn how IoT is helping businesses discover opportunities, gain market share, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profits in this introductory course.

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