December 2019 Roundup: New Learning-as-a-Service platform, emergency support this Christmas, Recreo case study

December 2019 SQL Server and Azure Roundup

The festive season is a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was and the changes that have occurred. In the world of technology these changes are occurring at an ever-increasing fast cadence. Over the last few weeks alone, SQL Server 2019 was released along with Azure Synapse Analytics.

From a WARDY IT Solutions perspective we have not slowed down either in 2019 and in the last month have released our learning as a service platform and Janus which is our code migration tool to accelerate and de-risk the migration from other database platforms including Oracle and Teradata. We look forward to continuing to deliver on these plus many more innovations in 2020.

We would like to thank all of our partners and clients for all of their support and custom and wish you a great festive season and prosperous new year.

WARDY IT Solutions is available for emergency SQL Server support this Christmas

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, everyone is working hard to get projects wrapped up before the festive break. At WARDY IT Solutions, we understand if you’re worried about not getting that project done or being called into the office this Christmas, so we’re here to help.

If you have more on your mind other than just enjoying the Holiday season, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that WARDY IT Solutions will be open during the festive period and every other day and night of the year.

You don’t have to be an existing customer to receive support, much like the ambulance service, we will help anyone who needs it.

If you need help over the holiday period, call 1300 SQL DBA or contact any time of day or night for 24x7x365 SQL Server support.


Introducing WARDY IT Solutions’ Learning-as-a-Service platform

WARDY IT Solutions is excited to announce our new Learning-as-a-Service platform which brings together Microsoft online courses for busy IT professionals. The courses will be available all the time so you can do any course at your own pace.

To learn more and start your learning experience visit


Recreo launch cloud-based superannuation administration platform with help from WARDY IT Solutions

Preparing to deploy an entirely new cloud-based platform, one of the first of its kind in Australia, Recreo needed expert DBA assistance to enable them to achieve their goal. WARDY IT Solutions were able to provide the skills and knowledge needed to enable a successful platform launch.


Azure Database Optimisation

Many organisations notice that moving to the cloud can become expensive, and want to reduce costs.

Traditional IT investments are a capital expense you don’t think about for a couple of years. In this mindset, companies will deploy for the future, and will buy more RAM or CPU for their organisation to grow into. However, this way of thinking is not suitable for the cloud. Often, organisations find their bills increasing every month.

WARDY IT Solutions is offering an Azure Database Optimisation Service. We understand IT budgets are finite, so we will look at how you can do more with less.


SQL Server resource provider for Azure Virtual Machines

Azure provides different options to host your SQL Server workload in the cloud. You can migrate to Azure Managed Instances, Azure SQL Server Database, or you can use Virtual Machines with SQL Server installed (IAAS – Infrastructure as a service option). For SQL Servers installed on Virtual Machines, you can also benefit from the Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows and SQL Server, although this does not require Azure SQL Server resource provider.


What’s new with SQL Server 2019 Linux features

With SQL Server 2017, Microsoft entered the world of multi-OS platform support for SQL Server. For many technical professionals, the ability to run SQL Server on the same open source operating system as the rest of the application stack is not just a goal, but a dream that Microsoft made come true. With the release of SQL Server 2019, the inclusion of Linux now includes new features, support, and capabilities.


The data explosion: Welcome to the era of analytics

In June this year, there were a reported 4.4 billion internet users worldwide. This obviously contributes to the data explosion. But data is also being collected in everything we do even when we don’t see it – at the grocery store, on the bus, at the movies. Read more about data explosion and how businesses can keep up with the data revolution.


Easier management of PolyBase and relational data through SQL Server 2019

The days when a database administrator (DBA) could specialise solely in a single database technology are rapidly ending. Today, we’re much more likely than ever before to be asked to bring together many types of data from diverse sources. Although specialisation still has its place, having the knowledge and tools at our disposal to cross those boundaries makes us much more useful.