July 2020 QSSUG: An Enterprise Framework for Implementing Power BI

An Enterprise Framework for Implementing Power BI

Power BI is easy to get started with but so many are unsure about how to make it really enterprise-friendly.

How should authentication be used? Do I still create an underlying data warehouse? Where do I implement security? Do I stage source system data? How should my data models be designed? Can I keep my data on premises if I need to?

In this session, Greg will discuss this and more, based on his experiences of implementing Power BI in enterprises.

Presenter: Dr Greg Low

About the presenter:

Greg is one of the better-known database consultants in the world. In addition to deep technical skills, Greg has experience with business and project management and is known for his pragmatic approach to solving issues. His skill levels at dealing with complex situations and his intricate knowledge of the industry have seen him cut through difficult problems and situations in both large tier-1 and small organisations.

Greg leads a boutique consultancy firm called SQL Down Under.


Online event (link visible for attendees)

Date & Time:

Wednesday, 1st July 2020, 5:30PM to 7:00PM AEST.