Announcing WARDY IT Solutions Azure Illuminate Program and 50k Migration Funding

Announcing WARDY IT Solutions Azure Illuminate Program

WARDY IT Solutions is excited to launch Azure Illuminate – a program that will allow you to establish a meaningful presence for your SQL Server environment in the World’s leading cloud infrastructure – Microsoft Azure – without needing to perform a full cloud migration.

Affordable, quick and empowering for your business – Azure Illuminate ensures that shifting your SQL Server presence to Azure has never been simpler.

Azure Illuminate will allow you to:

  • Optimise your SQL Servers’ performance
    We upgrade and consolidate your on-premise SQL Servers, saving on cost, while improving scalability and security. If you’re working with an outdated SQL Server version, we’ll make the migration upgrade seamless.
  • Access improved business reporting
    We set you up to be able to make more informed, data-driven decisions. SQL Server on Azure can uncover and unlock the real value in your data, making it accessible and easy to visually present.
  • Take advantage of automated regular backups
    We’ll set up or migrate core workloads that run regular, strategically defined backup procedures. You’ll have the confidence that your data is stored securely and regularly and is recoverable within your business’ time requirements.
  • Operate efficiently with Always-On SQL Servers
    Experience minimal disruptions and high availability of applications, network and storage by having these components in multiple places in Azure. In the case of a system failure, there can be zero downtime for your end-users.
  • Easily distribute data to non-production environments
    Build and test in a safe non-production environment and when you’re ready to go-live, move to production quickly while using minimal storage.
  • Establish a reliable disaster recovery plan
    Let our experts develop a best-in-class plan for multiple disaster eventualities that could impact your business. We’ll implement it and give you the confidence of knowing your business’ operations are fully secured 24x7x365.
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Get access to up to $50,000 funding to assist with your Azure Illuminate implementation

For a limited time we can help minimise or even eliminate your upfront costs of migration by giving you access to up to $50,000 funding to assist with your Azure Illuminate implementation.

Schedule a chat with one of our Microsoft Data Platform consultants, to see if you’re eligible to receive a contribution, to reduce your upfront migration costs.

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Questions about Azure Illuminate?

If you’ve got any questions or are interested to find out more about unlocking the power of SQL Server through Microsoft Azure then talk to one of our specialists to help inform your research.