November 2019 Roundup: Azure Migration Services, Power BI Performance Tuning, Learning as a Service

November 2019 Roundup: Azure Migration Services, Power BI Performance Tuning, Learning as a Service

Marathon runners often talk about hitting the wall. This is the time when they slow down to a walk with feelings of fatigue and the negativity kicks in due to depleted energy. November is often the time that many people start to experience these feelings in business. The end of the year is in sight but there is still often a long way to go and a lot to achieve before that well deserved Summer holiday kicks in.

With Christmas just around the corner and everyone pushing to get projects wrapped up before the festive break, I wanted to remind you that the WARDY IT Solutions team is available 24 hours a day no matter what time of the year. If you need some support to backfill staff on leave, or some expertise to make sure your key systems are running optimally with the extra load of Christmas, our team is here to assist.

Azure Migration Services

Whatever stage of the Azure journey you are at, WARDY has a path to get you there.

1. Azure Illuminate – An affordable and timely solution to establish a presence for your SQL Server environment in Microsoft Azure without needing to perform a full cloud migration.

2. Azure Initiate – Begin moving your data workloads to PaaS. Leverage your investment in Azure and access the next level of insights so you can make informed and data-driven business decisions.

3. Azure Innovate – Learn how to receive the full benefits of PaaS – Azure Innovate provides an expert, bespoke training package designed to enable organisations to drive business by gaining valuable insights through data.

Access up to $50k to assist with Azure Migration through WARDY IT Solutions

As Australia’s leading SQL and Azure specialists, WARDY IT Solutions can tap into multiple funding sources to reduce or even eliminate your upfront costs.

Schedule a chat with one of our Microsoft Data Platform consultants, to see if you’re eligible to receive a contribution.

I'm interested in up to $50k funding

Dashboard in a Day – Melbourne

WARDY IT Solutions will be running its final Dashboard in a Day event this year in Melbourne.

If you are still new to Power BI and wanting to hit the ground running or looking for some bonus pointers, then this 1 day limited course might be for you.

Cost: $99 + GST.
Date: December 3 @ 9:00am-5:00pm

Location: Rhipe Melbourne – Level 7, 277 William St, Melbourne


Unpacking SQL Server 2019

SQL Server 2019 has been released this month. This version builds on previous releases to grow SQL Server as a platform.

See what’s new in SQL Server 2019 in this blog post.

Download our eBook ‘Unpacking SQL Server 2019’ to learn more about all the business accelerating features that SQL Server 2019 has to offer and how you can leverage your existing data assets now and in the future.

Download ebook

How to deploy SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters

SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters is a scale-out, data virtualization platform built on top of the Kubernetes container platform. This ensures a predictable, fast, and elastically scalable deployment, regardless of where it’s deployed.

In this blog post the Microsoft SQL Server Team explain how to deploy SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters to Kubernetes. They will walk through the tools you need, Kubernetes hosting options, and deployment.


Database compatibility level 150 in Azure SQL Database

With the launch of SQL Server 2019, database compatibility level 150 moves out of public preview and into general availability status. With this change in status, the default compatibility level for new databases created in Azure SQL Database is now 150.

For details on what compatibility level 150 specifically enables, see Intelligent query processing in SQL databases.


How to predict the winner of the race that stops a nation (and other horse races)

WARDY IT Solutions have created a tried (but not yet fully tested) Melbourne Cup Prediction model. In a bid to secure financial security, members of the WARDY IT Solutions team put together a strategy for predicting the winner of the Melbourne Cup and any other horse races where the prize money is high.

So what is the secret to predicting the winner?

  • Data Gathering: The first phase of the model required researching all factors that could affect a win (or be deemed likely to affect a win)
  • Ranking algorithm: In much the same way that Google applies a page ranking algorithm, the participating horses were ranked on several factors.
  • Technical Implementation: The next step was to connect the data. This was done by using analytical capabilities of Power BI to connect to the spreadsheet as a data source.

Perfecting the model for 2020: For the 2020 Cup there are several areas where data could be improved to yield the necessary overlap and predict the winner.


Power BI Performance Tuning

Optimise your Power BI reports for efficiency and greater insights with WARDY IT Solutions’ Power BI Performance Tuning service. We designed this to review your existing Power BI reports, optimise them and ensure instantaneous access and reporting efficiency.

Our team will meet with your stakeholders to analyse your reports, identify issues, and provide guidance and recommendations to achieve efficiency in your reporting.

During the two-day engagement we will help you to optimise your Power BI reports allowing you to focus on gaining greater insights from your data.


Learning as a Service

Learning as a Service (LaaS) is a brand-new learning experience being offered by WARDY IT Solutions. LaaS is an interactive, cloud-based education subscription that combines individual and collaborative learning. Learners progress at their own pace and can access a variety of remote activities including a virtual lab or dedicated support from qualified experts.

To learn more and start your learning experience visit